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American Diabetes Month

November is American Diabetes Month, which means it is the perfect opportunity to focus on prevention for those that are not diabetic and for new treatment options for those who are. When the topic of diabetes treatment comes up, most people focus on medication and nutrition, but physical fitness is just as important.

Physical activity can have a big impact on blood glucose levels. A combination of cardio and strength training will force the body to burn excess glucose and help with diabetic symptoms. Regular physical activity can help strengthen your muscles and help to regulate glucose levels. If you are pre-diabetic, introducing physical fitness to your daily routine can prevent full-blown diabetes.

Cardio exercises such as walking, cycling, or swimming a minimum 3-4 hours each week will help, but incorporating strength training is just as important. Muscle mass growth will be especially helpful in absorbing excess glucose in the blood as well as helping your body to be more efficient. Depending on your condition, certain strength training movements could be beneficial or harmful.

Before embarking on a new physical fitness routine, it important that you seek professional guidance from a physical therapist. A physical therapist has a full understanding of the risks of diabetes, and will provide you a personalized routine based on your current conditions. They will offer sage advice on cardio and strength training as well work with you through exercises in session.

Diabetes can take a huge toll on the human body, but with increased physical activity, vast improvements of quality of life will begin. You will not only feel better but your diabetic symptoms will improve!

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