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Ask the PT: Pain and discomfort in my right hip and leg

Westchester Physical Therapy

Hello WSPT!

I have a few problems with my right hip and leg and have been seeing massage therapists and chiropractors for a few years now without any luck pinpointing the issue. I work near your Bronx location on Waters Avenue and I’m hoping physical therapy can solve my problem.
Here are my symptoms:

Snapping hip on right leg with IT band snapping over greater trochanter upon extension
Inhibited internal rotation on right leg and pain in groin (pinching) when internally rotated
Pain in possible anterior labrum or possible medial hamstring tendon when in hip flexion on right leg
It feels as though my right leg is shifted forward in the socket and inward

This may be confusing via email to explain. I am just hoping I’ll find the cure someday! Thank you and I appreciate any insight you can give!

Thank you!


Thank you for this thorough description of your condition. A few things I would like to know before performing a physical exam are:

How did this all start? Did you have a traumatic injury or accident? Do you participate in a repetitive activity or sport?
What type of assessments and treatments did you receive from the massage therapists and chiropractors? Did anyone analyze your gait or general biomechanics (human movement).
Do you stretch? Do you do any strengthening exercise?
Do you have any medical or congenital conditions? How old are you?
Have you had x-rays or other radiological exams since this condition started?

You’ve provided a thorough explanation of your physical presentation. Assuming everything is as it seems, a Physical Therapist at our Bronx location would first observe your posture in sitting and standing, clear your lumbar spine as a source of the problem, take range of motion measurements of both hips, check your strength and observe you perform some key functional movements such as walking and squatting.

From that, they would develop a problem list, goals to achieve normal movement and function, and a plan to achieve those goals. Some strategies that might be effective for the treatment of this kind of presentation are manual soft tissue mobilization (possibly including foam rolling), stretching of shortened tissue, joint mobilization to relieve joint pressure, neuromuscular re-education to fire dormant muscles, and therapeutic exercise to reinforce normal movement. Once proper movement is achieved, functional activities would be increased under the observation of the Physical Therapist to ensure good mechanics and to avoid falling back into dysfunctional patterns.I think we can help you. We can see you at our Waters Avenue location in the Bronx if that is the most convenient for you but we also have a Yonkers location and a location on Bainbridge Avenue in the Bronx.

Thanks for asking,

Daniel Seidler, PT

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