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June 9, 2016
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Ask The Pt: Pain While Jogging

Pain while Jogging in Westchester, New York

Hello WSPT,

I live in the Yonkers, New York area and I started jogging at the Glen Park Running Track about 3 months ago. One of the first times that I jogged I felt a sharp pain in my calf after about 10 minutes. The calf stayed sore for several days. I continued to jog several times a week sometimes with the pain and sometimes without. I tried to run through the pain but it eventually got to the point that I shut down the jogging for 3 weeks. The leg felt good but the second or third time back jogging the pain returned. I tried stretching, foam rollers but now the pain happens about every time. I always start out fine but about 10 minutes after I start running the pain returns and I have to stop. I am to the point of giving up running because of the recurring pain. Any ideas?

Thank you,


Thanks for this question! There are several possibilities here. Any time someone has lower leg pain from jogging, it can be caused by a circulatory issue, a nerve impingement, or something musculoskeletal. If I saw you at Westchester Square Physical Therapy’s Yonkers location, I would want to know if the symptoms subside when you stop running. Do you have the pain with other activities like biking or swimming? Have you had any diagnostic tests done? Do you have a history of previous injuries or medical conditions?

In order to determine an accurate diagnosis, you should see a professional. Right here in Westchester county, you can go directly to one of our locations in either Yonkers or the Bronx for an evaluation and initial treatment. The Physical Therapist should take a comprehensive history, perform a thorough evaluation of your legs and lower spine regions. Since your injury is from running and you hope to return to running, the Physical Therapist should assess your running technique, either on flat ground or on a treadmill. Some Physical Therapists even specialize in running assessment and training.

There may be several factors in play that can be very simple to resolve by an experienced practitioner. Don’t give up on running. See someone who can get you back out there.

Thanks for asking,

Daniel Seidler, PT

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