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March 29, 2016
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Ask the PT – Post-surgical joint replacements



After battling with joint pain in my knee for years, I finally decided to go under the knife and have an orthopedist perform joint replacement surgery. He recommended physical therapy for getting back to normal now that the surgery is complete. How can physical therapy help?

Thank you.

— Jerry S.


Thank you for getting in contact with me and for your interest in WSPT and our physical therapy services. Physical therapy is usually required following any sort of surgery, and joint replacement surgery is no different.

Joint replacement surgery sounds exactly like it is: a joint, which is the point where two bones come together (e.g.: knees, hip, shoulder, etc.), is replaced by a new one. The procedure is performed by an orthopedist and he or she will replace either part of or the entire joint. The prosthesis, or replacement joint, can be made of metal or plastic, may or may not be cemented into place depending on the individual, and will last at least 10-15 years.

Following a knee and hip replacement, you should be able to stand and walk with crutches within a day or two. You will most likely experience temporary pain in the joint, and while medication is a quick and easy solution to pain management, we recommend beginning physical therapy as soon as possible after the surgery. Physical therapy will help strengthen your muscles as well as help you regain mobility using range-of-motion exercises in order to help heal the joint.

The physical therapists at WSPT can help you get back to normal with a personalized, individual plan following your joint replacement surgery. Contact us by phone or by using our patient fill-out form here to book an appointment.

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