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March 22, 2016
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Ask the PT – Post-Surgical Sports Injuries



I am a member of an amateur baseball league that plays throughout the spring and summertime. I tore my rotator cuff completely during our championship game (we won) and had surgery soon thereafter as it was beyond repair without it. I am now in the post-surgical phase and would like to know how physical therapy can help me heal up so I am ready for next season. Thank you!

Alexander R.


Congratulations on winning your championship, although I am sure it was a real bummer to not be able to finish the game with your team. Rotator cuff tears are very common baseball injuries at all levels of play and unfortunately surgery is required if it is a full tear. I am happy to hear that your surgery was successful and I definitely recommend physical therapy to help you with the post-surgical process.

Any good physician will recommend physical therapy to help you throughout the postoperative procedure. The physical therapists at WSPT will evaluate and diagnose your injury and provide you with personalized exercises to help you strengthen and regain mobility and movement as we are highly specialized in a number of sports-related injuries. We are able to provide individual assessment plans and treatment tailored to your needs and your specific injuries.

Physical therapy can help with post-surgical sports injuries, such as a torn rotator cuff, by designing a series of progressively more challenging exercises in order to return the patient to pre-injury activity level.

– Steve Amico, DPT

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