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Ask the PT: What can I do about Plantar Fasciitis?

PT for Plantar Fascitis in Westchester

Hello WSPT,

I jog near your Yonkers location and I started to notice a really sharp pain in the heel of my foot, what does that mean?


Hello John,

Plantar Fasciitis is a very common pain condition, referring to pain felt near the heel of the foot. As one of the strongest supports for our body, it is hard to ignore our feet especially when they are experiencing such severe pain. Conversely, side effects of swelling, tenderness, and involuntary limping, greatly inhibit a person’s ability to carry out normal activities and tasks.

WSPT explains that this pain stems from a band of tissue in your foot that connects your heel bone to your toes; the band is inflamed due to the straining of the arch ligament in your foot. The arch’s strain produces tiny tears in the ligament, causing intense pain and swelling in and around the afflicted area. Commonly referred to as a stabbing or sharp pain near the heel bone, it becomes nearly impossible for the patient to revert to any activity level with such a consistency of pain. Plantar Fascitis stems from excessive stress or abnormal alignments with mobility, including high or flat arches, prolonged stress due to athletic activities and labor intense situations, high body weight, improper footwear support, excessive pronation, and tight tendon or calf muscles. While this is a varied source list, it concludes that any person can experience this type of foot pain and needs to be aware of how to properly relieve its symptoms.

Plantar Fasciitis requires both self-care tactics and professional rehab practices to bring optimal recovery to your physical life. Westchester Square Physical Therapy focuses on both personalized therapy and educational sources to give their patients the best and quickest road to relieving pain. Our Yonkers therapists work to make their patients partners in their healthcare, giving them understanding of their pain behavior aligned with their mobile needs. Thorough evaluations direct your recovery path, and with the help of your therapist, comfort stretches and muscle strengthening programs are designed for your pain relief in both the doctor’s office and your own home. Don’t ignore your pain, when we can help you get relief! Visit our Yonkers’ facility today!

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