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Ask the PT: What does my back pain mean?

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I live in the Bronx near your Bainbridge Avenue location in the Bronx and I have dealt with various back pain throughout my life. There have been periods where I have suffered from upper back pain which I assume is associated to poor posture. Recently I’ve been suffering with lower back pain. Where does these types of back pain stem from?

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Our spine is the foundation for our human ability to stand up straight, so it is no wonder that back pain is a common yet treatable condition. It is extremely uncomfortable and inconvenient since we use our back muscles 100% of the time, but with proper physical therapy strengthening your pain will resolve quickly and correctly.

At Westchester Square Physical Therapy located in the Bronx at Waters Place and Bainbridge Avenue as well as Yonkers, we know that one of the most important things to understand about any kind of back pain is that misconceptions can be made about source pain and lead to bad remedy treatments. Physical therapy is a natural and constructive way to stretch and strengthen your muscles back to optimal health with no intrusive or medication anecdotes. Furthermore, therapy services offer different methods for your own individual treatment plan. At Westchester Square Physical Therapy, we offer aquatic services, orthopedic therapy, at-home therapy services, and personalized wellness programs, all designed for pain severity and preference.

Treatment begins with strengthening and therapy relief, assisted by the best physical therapists that work to both help your pain remedy and provide you with attainable resources. Stretch repetition and gradual toning are used with our state-of-the-art training equipment. At Westchester Square Physical Therapy, our staff educates our patients on proper home care and pain understanding so that they feel confident about guarding and enhancing their body movement stability.

Physical therapy isn’t used solely to aid an injury; their exercise routines improve and replenish muscle toning and joint stability before the occurrence of an accident. Let us work with you to protect yourself against any injury without cause!

To make an appointment at our Bronx Bainbridge Avenue location, click here.

Daniel Seidler, PT

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