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February 9, 2017
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Ask the PT: Physical Therapy for Obesity Complications

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I live in near your Yonkers location and I’m living with some physical issues due to my weight. What diagnosis has to be written for insurance to pay for PT for obesity?

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Thanks for this question. It’s a good one because obesity is prevalent and often leads to multiple health conditions. As we know, proper diet and safe exercise are the most effective means of managing your weight. Physical therapy can be an effective intervention to assist someone who wants to get on track with an effective exercise program.

As far as coding for obesity as a diagnosis, I don’t have a specific answer for you. At WSPT we don’t treat patients specifically for obesity, but we do often see patients who have one or more conditions derived from being overweight and/or generally unhealthy. Some of these conditions are osteoarthritis, diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. Many obese people are deconditioned or at risk of falling.

We often treat the condition that is painful or leading directly to dysfunction. Part of that is addressing the issue of obesity with general health education and conditioning exercise.

Exercising and generating a healthy lifestyle isn’t all that is needed. Physical therapy is essential because it allows you alleviate the pressures and stress on your joints suffer from when exercising. PT will also help strengthen your muscles and burn the fat which can blood flow throughout the body. Stretching is an integral part of working your muscles, joints and ligaments which can often become stiff and sore. The right exercises and stretching can help burn fat, work the muscles and increase blood flow. Adopting PT can reduce the risk of diabetes and heart diseases. If you have any additional questions about the benefits of PT Ask The PT at WSPT in the Bronx and Yonkers.

There are many ways and benefits to help with obesity between changing diet plans.Converting to a healthy lifestyle such as exercising and physical therapy are all preventative ways to reduce major health problems. Westchester Square Physical Therapy in The Bronx has a team of therapists ready to assist in changing your lifestyle for the better.

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Daniel Seidler, PT

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